Slim Coffee – Vitamin Sugar Free Instant French Vanilla Cappuccino










This blend contains carefully chosen Organic Natural Ingredients that have been proven to be effective for Weight Loss. It also contains added Vitamins to fulfill your body needs. When mixed with hot water, this drink powder produces a superb, smooth consistency for a delightful cappuccino drink that you will love. With a richer and deeper flavor profile than plain vanilla, this warm beverage features a bold and enticingly sweet, slightly caramelized flavor. Top off the finished beverage with cinnamon or other spices for an extra special treat. Sugar-free and still so sweet, this cappuccino mix is the perfect beverage choice for your more health-conscious customers.

Easy to make and great tasting, this sugar-free French vanilla cappuccino is full of organic weight loss ingredients and Vitamins.

This sugar-free French vanilla cappuccino mix comes with all the flavor and frothiness of decadent cafe drinks without all of the time and effort. This easy-to-use mix delivers a consistent product each and every time. Simply add the contents of the packet in cup containing 8oz  hot water slowly while stirring.


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