KickStart – Vitamin Mocha Latte with Espresso (Extreme Energy)












KickStart mocha latte mix comes with chocolate flavor and frothiness of decadent cafe drinks without all of the time and effort. This easy-to-use mix delivers a consistent product each and every time.

When morning comes just a little too early, this delightful drink mix offers 150 mg of caffeine and loaded with vitamins to provide the burst of energy you need to start your day. Combining the bold taste of coffee, rich chocolate flavor, and the creamy froth of milk, this warm beverage mix produces an indulgent treat.

Top off the finished beverage with whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce, and cinnamon or other spices for an extra special treat.

Easy to make and great tasting, this highly-caffeinated mocha latte mix allows you to enjoy cold-weather favorites in any season!

Sold individually wrapped as single serving sachet of 30g. See back label for nutrition and supplement information.



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