Organic Lucuma Fruit Extract

Lucuma Fruit Powder is hailed as a symbol of longevity and fertility. Lucuma, Pouteria lucuma, also known in South America as egg fruit, has been called the “Gold of the Incas”.  Lucuma is sweet but has a low glycemic index meaning it increases blood sugar slowly and steadily without the typical spike seen with most common sugars.  It contains many nutrients including beta-carotene, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium and protein. Lucuma powder has a unique taste that’s a delight in a variety of recipes.  Some say it tastes like maple, others that it is a cross between caramel and sweet potato. But the consensus is that it’s delicious.

Raw Organic Lucuma Fruit Powder Features:

  • Hailed as a symbol of longevity and fertility
  • Source of beta-carotene, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B3
  • Contains antioxidants, magnesium, potassium and calcium
  • Add to smoothies and shakes for a unique, low glycemic, sweetness
  • Known in South America as the “Gold of the Incas”
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Gluten free

How It Works

Using lucuma powder in smoothies or shakes is way to get a boost of antioxidants, minerals and B vitamins. The natural sweetness of lucuma means the powder can be used as a sweetener in place of sugar or honey. Because it also contains protein and trace minerals, this low glycemic sweetener can not only help prevent blood sugar spikes, but also curb cravings and appetite. The fruit has long been said to aid in fertility, and it has been a Peruvian symbol of fertility for several millennia. Fresh lucuma has also long been said to aid in healing and speed up wound closure, making it a powerful natural healer with purported antibiotic, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. The flesh of the lucuma fruit is commonly used as a folk medicine among the native South American people where the fruit grows.

Lucuma Powder is created from an exotic fruit native to the highlands of Peru, Chile, and Ecuador. Honored spiritually and culturally, lucuma was once known as the ?Gold of the Incas? for its yellow-orange color and unique taste. Lucuma Powder has a sweet taste, similar to maple, and can be used as a sweetener or a flavorful flour substitute in a variety of dishes. Available in 8 oz. bags. Native to South America, lucuma powder has an abundance of vitamins and minerals and provides a unique sweetness to a variety of recipes.

Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron ECO Lucuma Powder is sourced from Peru.

Disclaimer: Above information has been taken from various sources online. It has not been verified by Vitamin.Cafe. Please do your own research about the benefits and/or side effect; if any of above ingredient.